What Causes Your Drain In Your Home To Clog?

emergency plumbing service karrabinA clogged drainpipe can really cause an alarm to any home. Seeing water slowly rising instead of draining can be really annoying. When this happens to your home, the cost of the repair may be your concern. You might even think of fixing the clogged drain yourself or doubt whether it can be fixed.

For many homeowners, they will simply opt for the cheaper alternative to doing it on their own as they think they can handle the job. You may even go with those DIY drain cleaning products available on the market. However, the problem with these de-clogging products that are mostly seen in the market is that they just provide you with a temporary solution. Many of these products can cause corrosion to metal components in your drain system which may lead to more problems in the long run.

What is clogging your drains?

Ever wonder what causes your drains to clog? Here are some reasons why your drains get clogged.

Toilet paper. This is the most common issue for drains to get clogged. However, this is just a minor and can easily be solved.

Grease. Grease blockages happen when the grease and fat buildup and solidifies within the drain itself. While this can be an easy fix and not that complicated or expensive for residential houses, but this can be a problem if you have a restaurant.

Foreign objects. Foreign objects can be anything and at times plumbers are amazed at what they found blocking drains. Some items they mostly find are tampons, silicone tubes, beer cans, socks, air fresheners, and items you won’t even expect to be there.

Every drain in your home can get into trouble when these things get in the way of the drain. Get in touch with a professional in drain cleaning when the problem gets tough.