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Tips Straight From The Mouth Of A Plumber

Most homeowners will have some sort of plumbing emergency at some stage of their lives.  Of course, to have your local plumbing expert come out on site & resolve the issue can sometimes be quite expensive.  For this reason, we thought we would bring in our very own trade qualified plumber to give you all some tips on your plumbing related issues.

One of the first things every home owner should know is where their main water shut-off valve is located.  The worst thing is having a pipe burst & having water blasting all over the house but not being able to cut the water supply.  Of course, some home owners choose to have isolation valves installed at their most important water supply points in the home.  In this case, if a pipe burst, you can isolate the shut off just to one area of the home, & then you would still be able to utilise water in all other areas of the home.

If you need to tighten or loosen a fitting, it’s always best to use two sets of stilson or spanners. That way, you can be turning both in opposite directions, & it reduces stress on the pipes you’re working with.

You should also have a roll of teflon tape in the home in case you have a small crack develop in a pipe.  This can help stem the flow of the water leak until your local plumbing professional can get on site for repair.

Have two plungers in the home – especially if you have a twin basin sink.  If it becomes blocked, hold one plunger over the other drain whilst pumping with the second.  This will allow you to supply max force & hopefully clear out the blockage.

There are so many more tips that we have for you, but we cannot list them all here in this article.  Make sure when you do need to call a plumber, you use a state or territory based association website to help find a licenced, experienced operator in your local area.